Back at it!

Duncan Oldham

Following a very lazy 3 months on lockdown, I am now fully focused again and back on my lifestyle change.

I had lost 8 stone before we were locked down back in March but the changes that were in force until recently, really did affect me. So much so, that I gained just over a stone in weight. It’s bizarre really as I work from home anyway so nothing changed on that front. However, being unable to shop for the things I was used to eating and the inability to get out and about for a bit of freedom really had an effect. I would say, though, that the psychological impact was the greatest factor. At times I felt depressed and sad. Seeing and hearing about so many deaths around the world really got to me and I started to feel isolated as those who were usually in my company weren’t for one reason or another. I can’t remember when I last saw my kids or my grandson and still have no idea when that will happen. Not having that to look forward to is enough to make any parent and grandparent feel run down.

Duncan Oldham

Things are different now though. I’m back out on my bike again and have been clocking up regular afternoon rides of around 15-20 miles. My good friend, Ken and I, even biked to the pub to meet a pal of ours recently. It was only a 12 mile round trip but it was around the mountain so it wasn’t the easiest of rides. Normally I would have driven but these days, when I can use my bike, I prefer to. It’s a great feeling being out in the open, especially away from town. Listening to the birds and watching the horses run free as you cycle past the fields is something special.

I only had a few Diet Cokes and a couple of Aberdeen Angus cheese burgers, without the bread and chips of course, and yes, that was difficult, especially as my mate Ken sat opposite me tucking into what I couldn’t have! He pointed out to me that the bread bun was ‘the best he’d ever had’. Funny that! Still, it meant my lunch was keto-friendly so I stayed on plan. It was just great to get out to see the lads after months of being apart.

So at the moment, I feel fresh and very motivated. I’ve lost half a stone again in no time without even trying and I’m once again going in the right direction, but more importantly, I’m enjoying being back out on the bike. I don’t see myself as being on a diet any more, I just see this as my new lifestyle now and that’s why I think I’ve succeeded with it.