Football Club Shares Launches

Football Club Shares

Football Club Shares is a small project that I am making live today. The Football Club Shares website will, in time, be packed with content relating to football club investment opportunities and news. As the website is new, there is obviously a limited amount of content on there at the moment. However, the individual club pages hold the most important content and with the exception of the blurb relating to Manchester United, these have been completed and require just a little tinkering going forward.

Opinion pieces by myself about the major talking points in the beautiful game will also be published on Football Club Shares so if you enjoy my content you may want to bookmark the website or follow Football Club Shares on Facebook and Twitter.

A single page about football club shares posted on KopTalk has generated several thousand pounds which is what inspired me to launch a dedicated website. That revenue is, of course, much needed to fund the KopTalk project and the time that goes into it. With some paid-for targeted advertising across social media, I expect Football Club Shares to significantly increase revenue streams which can only be a good thing for my KopTalk members and DKB.TV subscribers.

I believe that you shouldn’t create a website, app or similar with the soul intention of making money because your heart probably won’t be in it and you’re putting yourself under immediate pressure to succeed and to meet targets. That’s why KopTalk has been successful because it is a love of my life. The website remains my hobby, exactly as it started 21 years ago. To this day, KopTalk has never had any targets and I’ve never studied a single analytic. It’s how I roll! That’s how it always will be.

I enjoy share dealing in general so investing in football clubs for a bit of fun is something I enjoy doing. It gives me an interest in a number of clubs in different leagues. Buying shares in football clubs and also spending some time trading on the Football Index (which is completely different to buying real shares) is purely for entertainment purposes, so again, I will approach this project as a hobby and nothing more. That way if I get bored or if my interests change, I can just bin it off! For now though, I would invite you to take a nosey around the Football Club Shares website.

Remember, if you enjoy what you do, you’ll be committed and you will succeed. Blog about your interests and the things you love. Include a little advertising and who knows what may happen. It’s not difficult. You just need to put the effort in. I’m so glad I did back in the 90s. My journey may have started a couple of decades ago but yours could start today. If you’re serious about starting something, you know I’d always offer you some friendly advice if you don’t know where to start 🙂

Duncan Oldham