Happy Days

Duncan Oldham

This is the first summer that I haven’t had my son, Robert, visit me here in Spain. I used to love the summer holidays as both Charlotte, my daughter, and Rob would be out here for the full six weeks. It was the same when I lived in England. They’d spend every weekend with me and every school holiday. Sadly, Charlotte flew the nest a few years ago and Rob has also now come of age, having landed a summer job before returning to University next month.

Rob could come out for about 3 days but to be honest, I’m more tempted to pop over to England as that way I’d get to see them both and also my grandson who I haven’t seen for ages.

I was browsing some old videos yesterday that I’d uploaded to Facebook over the years. There were so many vids of my kids and my late mum too. It was so nice looking back at those happy days but equally, I also found it really depressing. Those days are long gone now and I miss them so much.

Life seems a lot more serious and dull these days. Losing your mam and losing your kids to adult life is pretty shit. A once busy house in the summer now feels very empty.

I would urge all of you to film as much of your loved ones as you can. We’ve all got decent phones now that make this possible. No matter how daft it might feel and how annoying it may be to them at the time, when you look back many years later, you’ll all be so glad you did. My one regret is not just setting up a camera to film one of our family BBQs. All the jokes and all the banter gone forever and never able to repeat. I could easily sit back and watch a couple of hours of that.

I’d give anything to take my kids away on a family holiday again. We had the best times ever in some of the nicest places around the world. We’re not just family, we’re best friends and we always will be for many more years to come. And who knows, maybe we will get another opportunity to all bugger off on a family holiday together again, this time as adults.