Heading back to New York with Norwegian

Duncan Oldham

I’m absolutely delighted that I have booked flights to return to New York for a couple of weeks in May. It would be unrealistic to return later this year due to work commitments and although I could have headed out there again in March, I don’t want to miss out on the fabulous BBQs that my boy Smoove hosts! The weather in May will be ideal.

A few days in New York City will, of course, be on the agenda, but I have to be honest in that I prefer to spend time upstate New York in Syracuse where my best friend and my extended family live. Everytime I visit, I am always made to feel so very welcome and not just from the people who know me.

I have again chosen to fly with Norwegian from London Gatwick to JFK. I used to always fly long haul with British Airways and failing that, Virgin, but having flown with Norwegian earlier this year, I was left feeling very satisifed indeed. Free Wi-Fi, great on-board grub, a huge selection of entertainment and friendly staff on board their excellent 787 Dreamliners at a much cheaper price made sure that I would fly with them again.

I’m glad to have something to look forward to. I think it’s important for the mind. Until then, I will continue to knuckle down and focus on my work.