New York Jolly

Duncan Oldham

I recently returned from an amazing couple of weeks in America. I spent some time upstate New York in Syracuse visiting my best friend, Smoove (above right). It had been 6 years since I last saw him so it was a great occasion as you can imagine.

As well as meeting up with his family again and some old friends I also made some new friends. Everyone I met looked after me and treated me like royalty. Salt of the earth, I tell ya!

Highlights of the break included a steak BBQ at Smoove’s gaff, just like one we held 6 years ago – he knows how to host a BBQ that’s for sure – and a night out with his Big Sister at ‘CalcaƱos Tavern’. They didn’t have any Diet Coke for my vodka when I arrived so the bouncer jumped in his car and drove to a nearby store to buy a few bottles just for me. I mean, seriously. These people couldn’t do anything more for me.

After my visit to Syracuse, I headed to New York City and spent a few days there. I visited my favourite bar ‘The Perfect Pint’ and met another friend of mine, Greg (below), who again, I hadn’t seen for 6 years. A 14 hour session followed but he bailed on me later in the day as he had to grab the last bus home. He’d travelled a few hours to come see me so I couldn’t twist his arm into staying out longer as he obviously had to get back home.

It was great to get away. I live in a lovely country but I absolutely love the U.S. It is certainly somewhere I would live. Whether or not I will ever make the move I don’t know. I have no plans to at the moment but I will certainly be returning more often to see my extended family and friends because life moves far too fast and it’s certainly far too short.

A change of scenery had been much needed. I returned home feeling more focused on my work and my life armed with bags and bags of new trainers and clothes!