Popcorn Politics

Boris Johnson

I’ve been following the battle for the Conservative Party leadership this week. Following on from my last blog entry, this is some proper and authentic depressing shit. Anything that focuses around Brexit is enough to make you want to set up a noose and have done with it 😂🔫

So it’s an important day in that contest and at least one of them will have been eliminated by the time you read this.

Rory Stewart is about as inspiring as a corpse while Andrea Leadsom’s ‘Bollocks To Bercow’ sign was a lame insult at the main man who makes watching The House of Commons bearable.

Esther McVey is certainly kinder on the eye than the rest of them … alllrrriiiggghhhttt!!! … but that’s not enough to secure my vote.

Matt Hancock looks weak and can Mark Harper, who few people will have even heard of, really challenge the Big Guns? No chance.

Sajid Javid didn’t get an invite to the Don’s banquet so if the Don ain’t a fan, that’ll do for me! Besides, he looks a bit too shifty for my liking!

Dominic Raab is a bit of a wuss on social media and appears to block anyone that politely challenges him. If he can’t handle social media could he really handle running the country?

Michael Gove is a decent entertainer and I think he’d be great hosting Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday afternoons but that’s about it. Have you seen the state of him when he’s out jogging? Admittedly I also look a **** in shorts but at least I only run after ice-cream vans.

Surely it has to be between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. I can’t see the others challenging them. I may be wrong but DKB isn’t just a slogan you know ☝😁

People take politics very seriously for obvious reasons. Me, I kinda have the opinion that nothing will ever really change no matter how tetchy you get about it all so I prefer to look for the entertainment. Be honest, it’s a circus isn’t it and almost all of them are out for themselves regardless of their political colours. Boris is obviously the clown but I think he’ll be the one that will have me reaching for the popcorn.

Few people who follow my work will have any interest in the Conservative Party. I never used to have but the Labour party is far too left for me today. I was a member of the Labour party for most of my life but I can’t be associated to the likes of Owen Jones who incidentally has me blocked on Twitter 🤣

Boris gets my vote to become leader of the Conservative Party purely for the entertainment and not because of a single policy or stance that he may hold. I can see you shaking your head but look, I hate getting caught up in miserable debates about how much of a c*nt someone is. Nothing will ever change. A bad attitude to have? Maybe, but I’m yet to see many positives come from Government in the 44 years I’ve been on this planet. In saying that, I thought Labour under Tony Blair were great. Hashtag controversial 🎣😂

If I was voting with a sensible head and purely for political reasons then I’d plump for Hunt out of all the names above. He’s experienced and he seems a serious candidate. I’m not sure many within the NHS would agree with me though 🤫

I think it will come down to these two and Boris will surely clean up? Gove should give them both a decent run though.

Duncan Oldham