Social Media Detox Fail

Duncan Oldham

When things are going right, I enjoy social media but when things are going wrong, I absolutely hate it.

I recently closed my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts so that I could escape all the narcissism and fake shit that’s out there. It lasted for around week! There’s just no way that I can realistically run online businesses without a social media presence. Yes, I can have people post on my behalf which I did, but when I publish an article online, I can share it myself within seconds across multiple platforms. If I have to rely on someone else, I have to forward the link to them and wait for them to promote whatever it is for me. It’s just not a realistic situation.

I felt so much better without social media in my life. Yes I missed a handful of friends that I have made online but I didn’t miss the stuff that brings me down. Instead of reaching for my phone every few minutes I picked up some magazines and did a bit of reading instead. It was a refreshing change.

If I didn’t need to be online for work, I would certainly avoid the cesspit. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement or approval and I certainly don’t feel the need to filter the **** out of every photo I post on Instagram. A filter can make you look beautiful but it can’t change how ugly you are inside as a person. And it’s that fakeness that makes me want to puke.

Social media can be rewarding though. I have made some good friends via the likes of Twitter which I would never have met offline. When relationships turn sour though, having those people in your hand all day can be frustrating and even upsetting. You just can’t escape and I hate that.

One day my dream will be to walk away from my online businesses and relationships. At the moment I’m obviously out there flying the flag on social media and churning out my opinions in videos but the day that I can just vanish to an isolated country house or better still an island in the middle of nowhere, I’ll be the happiest guy in the world – as will everyone else no doubt!

Duncan Oldham