Below are a number of questions I am often asked along with a couple that you have submitted. I hope you find them of interest ­čÖé

Who knows best?

What a stupid answer. I do. Obviously┬á­čśé

Why Spain?

I have always wanted to live overseas. It was always going to be between Malta or Spain, although I often think of moving to the USA to be close to my friend Smoove. Malta is a country that is special to me. I visited there several times a year from a young age. I had also visited Spain as a teenager. I chose Spain after attending the Nou Camp stadium to see Liverpool beat Barcelona in 2007.

You live in Benidorm. Where are the best places to go?

Firstly, I don’t live in Benidorm. I live in a lovely little town nearby and I’m surrounded only by Spaniards. For Benidorm tips and advice, check out BenidormBooked on Twitter, a project that I am involved with. We have a website coming real soon too!

Who is your favourite LFC player and non-LFC player?

John Barnes and Paul Gascoigne. Barnes was amazing. I love wingers and flair players. That’s why he gets the nod. Meeting him was a 15-year-old boy was a dream come true. As for Gazza, his goal for England against Scotland remains my favourite goal ever.

Who is your current favourite LFC player?

Danny Ings! His attitude is determination is fantastic. This boy is old skool. He reminds me of how proud John Aldridge was to play for Liverpool.

What makes you happy?

Without a doubt, the one thing that makes me happy is making others happy. Be it giving a loved one a present and seeing them smile or be it a nice comment from a YouTube follower. That shit does it for me.

I’ve read some negative stuff about you, what’s that all about?

My KopTalk┬« website was the first Liverpool FC fans’ website to offer an optional paid-for membership and this was a very controversial move. Many years later the same people who said this was a con now charge for access to their websites and/or accept donations. This lies about me started after we banned a large group of members from the┬áKopTalk┬« members’ website in one day. My long-term members will verify this as they observed the drama. They set up a website “to rival KopTalk” and “to take KopTalk down”. They also started to blog about me, posting numerous lies while targeting my family. At one point the police became involved after they made an anonymous tip-off that I was going to kidnap my children! Their mother found this hilarious. After calming down, so did I! The police told me I was “obviously doing something right” and said that I should ignore them. While their campaign against me was upsetting and strange at first, today I’ve realised that it just comes with being successful. The emergence of social media, and especially Twitter, many years later also showed me that there are many anonymous and faceless people out there that want to hurt other people. I use my real name and my real address. I am accountable. I do not have a criminal record. If you’re that gullible that you are considering believing some faceless lies on the internet thrown around by my rivals then I think that says more about who you are than who I am. The only place you’ll read anything negative about me is on other Liverpool FC-related websites. It’s a bit blatantly obvious as to why that is don’t you think?┬á­čśé

Why not take action against them?

Such people usually don’t have anything to compensate you with and it’s pretty costly and time-consuming. Not only that but they tend to hide behind fake aliases. You can’t silence people on the internet. You can try but this only encourages them to do more and if you have their accounts suspended they merely surface a few minutes later elsewhere with more determination. I’m sure if I tried to silence such people they’d say I had something to hide. Let them show their envy, I’m alright with that. It motivated the hell out of me back in the day. It’s when it stops that I’ll worry as I know this means I’m no longer important and I’m failing. I can honestly say that receiving this attention from the people we have turned away from KopTalk┬« and from those associated to other LFC-related websites simply made me more determined to succeed. I now live in an 8-bedroom villa on The Mediterranean, all paid for thanks in part to their efforts. I consider that a huge positive and I will be eternally grateful. Another rewarding outcome from this is that I have been able to support others who have endured online hate through my experiences. That too is very satisfying.

What’s the best thing you have experienced with KopTalk?

Tommy Smith once invited me to a 1965 FA Cup winners reunion in Liverpool. To be sat on his table and to sing YNWA with so many legends at about 2 in the morning at the end of the night was incredible. I have been so fortunate to have met so many legends over the years. All from a website that was started as a hobby in my daughter’s bedroom.

Duncan Oldham

Being stopped randomly in the street by people telling me that they follow my work makes me extremely proud. I have bumped into lads like those pictured, on my doorstep here in Spain in towns such as Benidorm and Valencia, when back in the UK in the cities of Liverpool, Leeds and London, and further afar in countries such as Malta, America and Thailand! These are the only people I’m bothered about!

The best thing about KopTalk® is the people who offer love and support. We have talked a lot of about the haters but these really are a small percentage compared to the hundreds of thousands of Liverpool fans who support me all year round and who have done so for almost two decades. There is a lot more love than there is hate.