From the bedroom to Silicon Valley

Duncan Oldham

I’m happy to announce that I have a new business partner (and friend!) who will be working with me on a number of projects in the future. This person is a life-long Liverpool supporter who has been a member of my KopTalk website for many, many years which makes it even sweeter.

Based in Silicon Valley, California, the main reason I opted to go into business with this successful person on the other side of the globe is that we just get on so very well. I’m old skool and while I’m not naive, some things just feel right. While the investment I┬ásecured will have put a smile on the bank manager’s face, the long-term is far more important than the short-term. Trust is far more important than potential revenue. This person has placed their trust in me and it is my aim to now ensure that they get back their investment and much, much more.

I already have a number of other business partners but this partnership comes at a time when I needed a pick-me-up and some motivation. I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to manage the things I am involved with but with some additional input and advice, I feel this link-up with prove beneficial to us both.

It was exactly one year to the day from when he first contacted me that we reached an agreement! I was reluctant, I always am, so I sat on it all for a while and in late 2017 we really began to talk and that’s when I realised that we had to work on something together.

Will I be moving to California anytime soon? Who knows! I can live anywhere really as long as I have the internet but Spain (or Malta) was always going to be my home. I have aspirations of maybe moving to The States one day or possibly even Thailand. For now, I’m happy where I am as it’s only a few hours away from my kids.

I’m very proud that today I can say I have a business partner in Silicon Valley and it would never have happened had I not started a certain football website in a bedroom 20 years ago.

Duncan Oldham