It’s time for change

Duncan Oldham Book

I’ve truly enjoyed covering Liverpool Football Club matters via my KopTalk website over the last couple of decades. I’ve made thousands of friends thanks to the website and just as many enemiesĀ 

Since KopTalk was launched back in the 1990s, the internet has changed a lot. Social media was born and new platforms such as YouTube emerged. Today I spend more time working on video and audio content than I do writing news articles on the website because the process requires a lot more effort. It is very time consuming.

One of my favourite things that I do as part of my work is providing video content for my free YouTube channel,Ā KopTalk.TV. I also really enjoy working on theĀ KopTalk podcastĀ although I’m not sure I can sustain the effort that is required as that takes up more time than anything else. The problem is, those two things take up the majority of my time and generate the least revenue. YouTube deems most of my videos as not suitable for advertisers for example, but I’m not going to change my output just to keep the snowflakes happy and because I could generate a few extra pennies. That’s just not me at all.

While money isn’t my motivation, I, like everyone else, have to survive. The bills have to be paid and I need to focus my time and energy on the things that not only generate my income but also the people who make it all happen. My KopTalk members, DKB.TV subscribers and KopTalk Extra Time Podcast supporters are the people I need to concentrate on. Their loyalty enables me to provide all my free content and thanks to them I can treat myself to the occasional ‘pint’ of Magners … just the one, mind!

Duncan Oldham
A picture of me when I first started writing my infamous book …

I struggle daily with finding the time to provide fresh content for everyone. There’s a lot of things that need updating every day to keep people happy. In between this I have been trying to write my infamous book, something I have been heavily criticised for in the past because it’s literally taken me more than a decade to really focus on it. It’s not because I don’t want to fulfil that pledge, it’s purely being a case of struggling to find the time to it. If I could down tools and write without distraction, I’d have it completed in a couple of months at most but who would update the websites? How would I do the videos and the podcasts? It’s difficult but it’s something I am currently trying to address.

It’s not just work things that get put off, even my own personal things at home take forever to complete. Remember England’s 5-1 win over Germany in 2001? All 5 goals came from Liverpool players. Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen and Emile Heskey all signed large individual photos of their goals that another Liverpool first team player took in to Melwood to have signed for me. They remain in the same envelope 16 years on. I still haven’t got round to framing them. Stuff takes a while to get done in my life and that’s all because of the KopTalk website.

It is my intention to stretch my day out a little longer i.e. get started on my KopTalk commitments earlier in a morning and try and stick to a routine of when I will update the various features that I provide while giving priority to those who support me. Although KopTalk requires an eye cast over it throughout the day and evening, I’m hoping that in the afternoons I can concentrate on my writing.

During half-term, my son cleared my old office for me. I haven’t been using it since moving into a much larger office but I’ve decided to take advantage of it again for my writing. This means I will be in a different, more private environment and can escape many of the distractions that come with working at my current desk. Subsequently I may not drop into the KopTalk members’ website, our free forums and the various places where KopTalk has a social media presence, as much as I usually do for a while, but I’ll be still in these places every day so you probably won’t not even notice.

Subscribers to DKB.TV and the KopTalk Extra Time Podcast will notice more updates and more routine. Those who follow KopTalk.TV and the free KopTalk Podcast may notice less frequent updates while I focus on my writing but I will still do my very best to keep everyone updated.

The KopTalk members website will remain my priority above everything as the people there are like family to me and they provide the most support. Without them, none of the other stuff could exist at all.

I am involved in other projects away from Liverpool Football Club and football in general, but these take up little of my time. I intend to use the rest of 2017 to work on my infamous book and throughout 2018 and beyond, I want to focus more on writing. Like I say, I don’t think many people will notice a change in the content that I provide but I wanted to keep my supporters up to date with what’s currently happening behind the scenes.

Truth be told, I no longer find a lot of enjoyment from being so heavily involved with Liverpool FC. While I still consider myself a fan, the current ownership has completely sucked out of me all the enthusiasm I once had. As a result of seeing the fan base arguing non-stop about the owners and their failings, I just find it all a huge turn off. However, because I do not support blindly and do not consider myself biased, I think this means I am able to offer a different angle on my LFC content and LFC opinions. I find the ownership and those who front it, as misleading and condescending. I also find it difficult to engage with the deluded. I guess it is my level of involvement which makes it all a lot deeper than what the average fan is subjected to.

I hope Liverpool can again become successful, with or without the current owners, as I look forward to the day that we can return to discussing the actual performances and results. Until then, I shall continue to interact with the only people connected to Liverpool FC that I care about and that’s the fans. While I attract a lot of negative attention from the great unwashed amongst them, there are a lot of fans out there who enjoy my work and for as long as I have those people walking with me, I will continue to try and provide the content they enjoy.

Duncan Oldham