Sky Sports to lower subscription fees

Duncan Oldham

I read a couple of articles yesterday about Sky Television’s plans to lower their subscription fees following a decline in sign-ups and customer retentions. They also plan to do away with the numbering of their sports channels e.g. Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and instead offer themed channels such as Sky Sports Football.

With the explosion of the amount of people now using Kodi devices to access illegal streams, something had to give. Both Sky Sports and BT Sport are pricing ordinary people out of a subscription. Many can still afford to pay but won’t do on principle and I understand that.

I myself have genuine subscriptions to Sky Sports and BT Sport. I also pay a monthly fee to an unauthorised streaming company to enable me to watch Saturday 3 pm kick-offs which cannot be shown in the UK due to current broadcasting regulations, the reason being that fans of lower league clubs may not attend lower league football fixtures if there’s a decent Premier League game on TV at the same time. Understandable. However, I think this needs re-examining.

Although I can access Sky Sports and BT Sport in perfect HD quality via the dodgy streaming service provider, I still pay my subs to both broadcasters. I know that probably makes me a bit thick but I don’t want to ‘steal’ and I also want the very best quality delivered to me.

I would willingly pay a set fee each month to the Premier League and / or Football Association or appointed licensed broadcasters to watch any English football fixture via satellite or via a stream, providing I don’t have to be hunched over a laptop. A kind of Netflix for football. Millions of fans would pay their own clubs for a ‘streaming season ticket’ for example. I have discussed this many times with my followers and the general consensus is that people are willing to pay a reasonable fee.

People would argue that watching the Saturday 3 pm games would see the lower leagues suffer. I disagree. From this huge pot of additional revenue, payments could be made that would easily compensate for any loss of attendance. Not only that, but I think they should receive additional payments. For too long the elite clubs have been greedy. The lower leagues are suffering. It is a struggle for them and grass roots football is just as important, if not more important, than the top tier.

In my opinion, Sky Television ruined English football. The amount of money in the game today is ridiculous and I for one hope that this decision by Sky to lower their subscription fees is the start of the Premier League bubble starting to burst.

Duncan Oldham

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