The 3 Pundits debut on Radio 1 Benidorm

The 3 Pundits

The 3 Pundits Sports Show debuted on Radio 1 Benidorm 90.1FM last Saturday. The informal and fun show is brought to you by 3 Pundits Media, a new venture that I have created with 2 of my friends who also co-present the shows with me.

The 3 Pundits

Originally we broadcast on Cool FM but the new owners want to focus on being a commercial music station. Although invited to stay with Cool FM, the way we would have had to restructure the show would have limited our talking time severely. Subsequently we made the decision to leave Cool FM, albeit on good terms. They, of course, remain our friends.

We received a number of offers to take our content to other FM radio stations and we finally agreed to make the switch to Radio 1. The 3 Pundits Sports Show airs live on Saturdays at 2 pm local time until 4pm.

The 3 Pundits

2 additional new shows will also be produced for Radio 1 by The 3 Pundits and introduced over the coming weeks, details of which will be posted on the social media accounts of 3 Pundits Media nearer the time.

You can tune in locally to Radio 1 on 90.1FM or online via the Radio website or the TuneIn app.

The 3 Pundits will also be launching a podcast on iTunes and a YouTube channel as we plan to make even more of our content available worldwide.

If you are fan of my work, you will love The 3 Pundits! I hope you’ll follow us on our new adventure.

Duncan Oldham