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Duncan Oldham

For some time I’ve considered launching a website to analyze the various transfer claims that are made surrounding other football clubs and not just Liverpool. I have a large following on social media and YouTube and not all of these people are Liverpool supporters. I am often approached by fans of clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United who tell me they wish they had someone such as myself that provided content that was more relevant to their clubs.

I came up with the idea of a website called Transfer Claims so that I could continue my interaction with these other fans who enjoy my content. As well as the website, I am considering launching a new YouTube channel specifically to touch on news concerning other clubs.

Ideas. Thoughts. Suggestions. But will it come to fruition?

A lack of time has held me back on many opportunities that have been presented to me over the years. That remains the case. KopTalk® has to remain my priority because of the amount of support I receive as a result of it plus Liverpool Football Club is, of course, my first passion. However, I am a football fan and over the last twenty years, I have established an extensive network of contacts in the game that I think I could tap into, although this website is more about looking at the various claims that are being made by others. I would never consider myself ‘ITK’, I think a pathetic term which is for people who crave attention. I get enough attention as it is just by opening my mouth and having achieved success with the projects I have been involved with, I don’t need to prove myself or even continue in this field of work. But I love it and I love interacting with the tens of thousands of people who support my work and who enjoy my style. It is very rewarding.

At the moment I’m tinkering with some branding for the Transfer Claims project. I’m not sure if I will proceed. I think I will. I feel pretty motivated at the moment. I may even launch a Crowdfunder to help get it off the ground and to get some passionate people involved. It would be great to get some forum moderators on board and a few columnists. I’ll give it some thought over the coming weeks.

My good friend Rob of Aircreo Creative in Wrexham initially provided me with six branding proposals. Rob’s work is amazing. I can not speak highly enough of the professionalism and the superb quality of work that he provides. If you need any help with logos and branding you really should reach out to him. I am so glad that through our love of Liverpool Football Club and his participation on the KopTalk® website that I got to know him.

So, Rob provided me with six ideas and I eventually narrowed it down to just one which is what the six logos above are based on. My kids are pushing me towards V3 and I think that’s my choice too. What do you think? @ me via Twitter your thoughts on the above designs.

Duncan Oldham

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Duncan Oldham is an online entrepreneur, a football writer, a football news analyst and commentator, a video blogger, proud father and grandad.