About Duncan Oldham

I have been providing news and opinion concerning Liverpool Football Club via my KopTalk website for 25 years. I have achieved great success with the website which began back in the late 1990s as a hobby. I continue to update hundreds of thousands of Liverpool fans via the various platforms where I publish my work on a daily basis.

As a result of my involvement with the KopTalk website, I’m also a YouTube partner and a podcaster. I have also enjoyed co-hosting a Saturday sports show on local FM radio, although I recently stepped back from that commitment to focus on my own content at KopTalk due to time constraints.

I am proud that thanks to the KopTalk website, that over the years I have helped raise thousands of pounds for various charities and good causes. In my spare time today, I’m an AGE UK Call-in Time volunteer which requires me to hold one-on-one calls with pensioners who are maybe isolated or who have no friends and family. I find this very rewarding.

Although I have spent my life writing about Liverpool Football Club, in my spare time I have started writing about American criminal trials. This is something that I plan to do more often.

I’m a proud dad and grandad and everything I do is for them.

Duncan Oldham