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I’ve been super busy of late writing a book about The Kenosha Shootings and the subsequent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Yesterday I published a mini website that provides news and opinion about Kyle now that he has been cleared of all charges against him. View Post

Why I was so interested in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Kyle Rittenhouse

Many of you will have seen me commenting on the recent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse which came about as a result of what is known as The Kenosha Shootings. Rittenhouse shot three men in self-defence. Two were killed, the third survived.

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Let Me Be Frank

Duncan Oldham

Just under 2 years ago I rescued a young puppy that had been abandoned. I had been open to the idea of having another dog after Rodderz died but hadn’t really actively looked for one until I saw a particular Facebook appeal from the local dog shelter that tugged like hell on my heart strings.

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