Kenosha Bound …. Again!

Duncan Oldham

I enjoyed my trip to Kenosha in April and May so much that I have decided to go back this September! I’m flying out to Chicago at the end of August and will again spend a few days in the city before heading to Kenosha where I plan to stay for around 4 weeks.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with the friends I made on my last trip and also meeting new faces who have struck up friendships with me since I returned to Spain. I can’t wait.

This won’t be a time for downing tools though. It is my intention to lock myself away in my hotel room and finish my book about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse while there. As well as that, I’ll also be updating KopTalk as normal, although there will be a -6hr time difference compared with the UK.

I will, of course, be publishing plenty of photos while on my travels and I’m sure we’ll manage a knees-up on KopTalk TV at some point!