My Writing


In November 2021 I finally completed my [infamous] KopTalk book. I am currently going through the re-write process ahead of sending it to my editor. This has been hanging over me for years as many of you will know. Honestly, it has been a huge burden to me. I actually had a fair bit done but I lost it all when my laptop caved in many years ago before we had the likes of Dropbox to back-up our files to! Yes, it was that long ago! Hopefully I will be able to provide a fresh update in due course.

A season-long diary I was writing in relation to LFC had to be postponed due to illness (Covid and an unrelated stay in hospital, which, albeit was just a few days, it seriously affected my ability to work). I will make a decision as to whether or not to restart this for the 2022-23 season. If you registered an interest, I’ll be in touch when I know what’s what. Please contact support @ if you have any questions.

Away from football, I am currently writing a book about The Kenosha Shootings and the subsequent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. This book should be completed in late 2022. I certainly hope it doesn’t take as long as my other book! Fortunately, I now keep multiple back-ups in the cloud and on external drives!