The Church of Dunk

Church of Dunk

The Church of Dunk, my uncensored views, my private vlogs and the more private things that I’m up to in in my life, that I prefer to share only with a select audience (people I consider my closest friends), is now on Telegram.

If you would like to join the congregation, you must first download Telegram (free) and then follow these very simple instructions.

Please note that The Church of Dunk is nothing to do with KopTalk, but from time-to-time, Liverpool FC matters may be brought to the attention of the congregation. This is a very private community that only my biggest and closest supporters will appreciate interacting with me in.

  1. Sign-up via PayPal. Your annual contribution (which is cheaper than it was on Twitter) goes in the kitty and it’s a great way of supporting me.
  2. Once subscribed, you will automatically be redirected to The Church of Dunk.

Any problems, please email me: dunk @ koptalk . com


  • Non believers can join my free channel on Telegram @ instead which is where I now spend most of my time