I’m an online entrepreneur, a football writer, a football news analyst and commentator, a video blogger, proud dad and grandad. I’m best known as the founder and controversial editor of the Liverpool FC fans’ website KopTalk,¬†one of the most successful fans’ websites in the world.

I also provide¬†content via my popular YouTube channel KopTalk.TV and The KopTalk Podcast which is available free of charge via iTunes. I provide free video content to tens of thousands of subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. I have updated millions of people all around the globe with Liverpool FC news for almost 20 years and I’m currently writing my [infamous] book about my experiences with KopTalk.

I’m a partner at 3 Pundits Media which produces a number of informal and fun weekly sports and current affairs shows. As a result I am a co-host on The 3 Pundits Sports Show which airs on Radio 1 Benidorm 90.1FM and globally online via the Radio 1 website and the TuneIn app on Saturdays at 2pm local time. 3 Pundits Media is a new venture that I created with 2 friends. We only formed the company in September 2018 and to be honest it’s more of a hobby. You’ll soon find our content on iTunes and YouTube. I will of course post details when I have them.

As a result of my global following on KopTalk and because of my no-nonsense approach with loons that the internet seems to present (especially when it comes to football fans!), I have, over the years, attracted negative attention from those who have been turned away from the website, those who want to rival the website and those who believe that nobody from outside Liverpool has a right to support Liverpool. A smear campaign was launched against me back in the 2000s and although it wasn’t very pleasant for me and my family, the anonymous people behind the¬†scurrilous claims that my website was a con motivated me to build on my initial success and I actually believe it was the best thing anyone could have done to help me. I put down a lot of my success to my haters. Football certainly attracts a lot of trolls but I’ve used it to my advantage. Other than the odd speeding offence, I’m a good boy. I have no criminal record and the fact I live on the Costas is purely coincidental¬†

To this day, thousands of Liverpool fans continue to subscribe to my¬†KopTalk members’ website which I feel is a testament to what I¬†have built-up, especially when you consider the free alternatives that are out there. As well as offering a paid-for membership to KopTalk, I also provide a subscription video content platform called DKB.TV (Dunk Knows Best TV) for fans of KopTalk.TV. Revenue from these optional platforms help me provide my free content.

I have a number of online business interests away from KopTalk and have business partners in¬†Silicon Valley and London. I have established an impressive network of contacts in football, technology, and show business. Friendship is the most important factor of any friendships that I have whether it’s business related or not.

Despite my online persona associated to my involvement with KopTalk, I’m a Big Softie who would do anything for anyone. I have¬†raised thousands of pounds for various charities directly through JustGiving campaigns thanks to the support of people who follow my work.

I have 2 children, Charlotte and Robert, and one grandson, Harry. They are my life. In January 2018 there was a new addition to the Oldham family, Zo√ę, an abandoned¬†puppy who I adopted from a local animal rescue centre.

Since my mum died in 2012, I’ve found life to be a bit of a struggle. I’m hoping that this year I can bounce back and become a happier, more successful person. I like making people happy, I love a laugh and a joke and although I’m a cheeky character, my intention isn’t to offend. I just can’t stand snowflakes or people who are offended by anything and everything.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Duncan Oldham