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Duncan Oldham

I am a writer, video blogger and podcaster. I also co-host a weekly sports show on local FM radio. Although this is technically considered ‘work’, I consider at it all as one big hobby.

Born and bred in North Yorkshire, England, these days I spend most of my time overseas.

The majority of the content I produce is football related and most of that is about Liverpool Football Club. I was a shareholder until a forced takeover by George Gillett and Tom Hicks in 2007. Both men invited me to Dallas, USA and Montreal, Canada at the time and to be fair, they looked after me very well. It all seemed very exciting at the time, but as all Liverpool supporters now know, their ownership was disastrous. Thankfully that is now history.

In my spare time I enjoy playing on XBOX Live with my family and friends on titles such as PUBG, not that I’m very good! I enjoy the cinema, documentaries and travel.

I’m a UK Call-in Time volunteer for Age UK which involves me offering weekly support and friendship to pensioners in the UK who may be lonely or just in need of a friend.

I’m currently following a Keto / Low Carb lifestyle and have lost around 8 stone (112 pounds) so far.

I have 2 dogs, Francis and Zoe, both of whom were rescued from the local animal shelter. I’m not a cat lover really but I do happen to have a couple of cats. Lucky was my late mother’s cat and Luna was desperately need of a home after she was abandoned as a kitten. Me being me, AKA a soft git, I agreed to adopt her.

I have a son (20) and a daughter (27) plus a grandson who is 3. They are my everything.

Politically I’d describe myself as a centrist. I hate both the extreme left and extreme right.

You can read my latest blog entries here.

Duncan Oldham