About Duncan Oldham

I am an online entrepreneur, football writer and video blogger. I also co-host a weekly sports show on local FM radio. Basically I get paid for my opinions and make money online. Although it is technically considered ‘work’, I look at it all as one big hobby.

Although born and bred in North Yorkshire, England, I now live in Spain. I live about 40 minutes from Alicante airport and just 10 minutes from the lively resort of Benidorm. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by Spaniards and not boozy Brits, but I easily fit in with them when I have a night out in Beni while watching the acts, many of whom are my friends.

I’m known mainly for being the controversial editor of Liverpool FC fans’ website KopTalk, although in fairness, I’ve grown up a bit since back in the day having run the website for 2 decades now! I started the website as a hobby for £30 and achieved success with it. I now have a business partner in Silicon Valley, California who supports me with KopTalk and who invests in my new ideas and projects.

People tend to call me ‘Dunk’ or ‘Big Dunk’ although I’ve been called a lot worse by people who consider themselves rivals and those who have been turned away from our online communities. I’ve experienced many years of online abuse over the years but it comes with the territory. A handful of people really tried to smear me over the years but it actually made me more determined to succeed so they did me a favour if I’m honest. You can read more about that on my FAQ.

The majority of the content I produce is football related and in particular I focus on Liverpool Football Club. I’m a season ticket holder of more than 2 decades and I was a shareholder until a forced takeover by George Gillett and Tom Hicks in 2007. Both men invited me to Dallas, USA and Montreal, Canada once they acquired the club and it all seemed very exciting at the time, but as all Liverpool supporters now know, their ownership was disastrous.

I like a laugh and a giggle and although I play up for the camera, I’m a big softie. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’ll do anything for anyone, especially if it involves steak!

Since May 2018 I’ve been following a Keto / Low Carb lifestyle and as of April 3rd 2019 I have lost 6.5 stone which is an average loss of around 2lbs a week.

I have a son (19) and a daughter (26) plus a grandson who is 3. They are my everything.

You can read my latest blog entries here.

Duncan Oldham